Pricing Factors

Screenprinting is priced based on several different factors including the style and color of the garment or item, the quantity, number of print locations, and the number of colors in the logo. Prices are given "per item". Quantity discounts are given at increments of 12, 24, 36, 72, 144, 288 and 500+ per same item.


Tips to help reduce your screenprinting cost.

  1. Print fewer colors. (Each color requires a screen.)

  2. Print on fewer locations (e.g. Chest Only).

  3. Order light colored T-shirts (e.g. White).

  4. Order in larger quantities.

  5. Choose the "Printer's Favorite" brand.

  6. Always use 


Factors that will determine price:

1) Style and color of the garment or item: Some products are easier to screen print than others. Flat items such as a t-shirt will be priced lower than items with features such a hooded zipper sweatshirt with pockets. Why? Each item is placed over a pallet flat prior to printing. The ease of placing and securing the garment will increase production time and lower your cost. For colors, a lighter colored item is easier to print than a dark colored item. For example, it is easier to paint a white wall than a black wall. For the dark colored items (such as navy, red, green and black), it is necessary to print and dry a white layer first as an "underlay" prior to printing the logo. This is known as flash curing and will increase the cost of your due to the additional step. Flash curing is also sometimes needed for some logos to stop colors from bleeding into one another.

2) The quantity: We offer discounts for volume. The more of the same item you order, the lower the price per item. Garments and products are priced in increments of 6 (if ordered outside of 6, there may be an additional per piece cost).

3) Number of print locations: Pricing for screenprinting is similar to painting the number of rooms in a house. As the number of rooms to be painted increases, the price increases. Likewise, as the number of locations the logo(s) will be printed, the price increases. Each logo is printed separately.

4) Number of colors in the logo: Prior to printing the logo on a product, the art department will need to separate the colors. We will then create "screens" in order to print the logo on the screen printing press. A screen is needed for each color of each logo. You might be charged a separation and screen fee. Additional color fees might include: matching exact colors and changing colors in a logo while printing an order