Q: What is your pricing policy?
A: Air Mania is committed to offering our customers the most competitive prices with the best service available.

The more shirts you order, the less you pay per piece. Due to the complex nature of our business there are many factors that will have an effect on the final price of your order, such as the type and quantity of products, the number of ink colors used, the complexity of the artwork and the location and number of prints. We feel that we can best address each customers individual needs & offer our most competitive prices by not following the current internet trend of blanket pricing, Instead we offer our customers an individual price quote based on their needs & goals to ensure that our customers receive the best possible price & service.  Your initial order may have art charges and an initial screen setup fee per ink color to be printed.
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Q: What are your minimum order requirements?
A: As noted below by category
Screen printing
- NO Minimums:  We print anything from 1 to 100,000
Embroidery - Generally there are no minimum requirements, although it would be more economical to order a higher quantity.
Airbrushing -   NO Minimums
Promotional Products - Please Call or e-mail
Q: How long will my order take to complete?
A: As noted below by category
Screen printing
-  5-14 business days from the date artwork is finalized (Large quantities may take longer)
Embroidery -      10-14 business days from the date artwork is finalized (Larger quantities may take longer)
Airbrushing -        5-14 business days from the date artwork is finalized (Larger quantities may take longer)
Promotional Products -10-14 business days from the date artwork is finalized (Larger quantities may take longer)
Q: Do you offer a rush service?
A: Rush service is available for an extra fee: %25 of  your total order
Q: When and how do I pay for my order?
A: A 50% deposit & a signed art approval form are required before starts production.
All Balances are due upon the completion of orders unless prior arrangements have been made. We gladly accept cash, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. 
Q: What is your re-order policy?
A: Re-orders are subject to a $5.00 per color reset fee & must meet the minimum quantity requirements listed.
Q: What types of artwork do you accept?
A: Artwork can be created in our art department or supplied by the customer. We accept anything from an idea or rough sketch to finished camera-ready art on either computer file or paper.
Q: What is considered camera-ready artwork?
A: We define camera-ready artwork as art that is a pure black print on a white background & is at desired resolution and print size. Multi-color designs must have a black & white page for each print color with  registration marks.
Q: What types of computer art files do you accept?
A: We have a PC based art department running Adobe Illustrator 10, Photoshop 7 and CorelDraw 9. We can accept the following file formats, ai, psd, eps, cdr, tif or jpeg ( although not recommended ) Artwork should be submitted to us at (150-200) dpi & at final print size (up to 12" x 14"). 
Q: What if I only have an idea for a design.
A: Even if you have no ideas at all our art staff will work with you step by step to create a great design for all your needs!
Q: Why is there a reset charge?
A: We believe that storing the actual screens does not benefit you. We keep the artwork on film and reset each screen to ensure the best image possible every time your design is printed.
Q What is a screen setup cost?
A: This is a one-time charge which covers the labor for camera shots and preparing the initial screens for printing. We use one screen per color. There may be additional film charges for complex artwork.